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About this blog

Travel is the glue that binds us to alternate narratives of our own lives. 

I grew up in a family that didn’t have the financial means to travel and so I traveled in my own mind to the parts of the world I would read about or come across in cinema.

Traveling as an adult has started to become a never-ending way to stretch my mind’s interpretations of places far past their previous limitations.


Currently, I am focused on distilling the essence of places around the world into distinctive visual remnants that resonate in a variety of ways. I am endlessly haunted by a sense of saudade and sehnsucht as I travel: a deep longing for a place that is unidentifiable but somehow familiar and indicative of what could be identified as home.

I am dedicated to the idea of exploring the rest of the world in the same way I have approached exploring, photographing, and writing about New York City. I relish the opportunity to bring along my online audience of 2.5 million fellow adventurers all over the world with me.


It is the bittersweet tear-in-eyes, lump-in-throat feeling that I seek when I traverse strange cityscapes and landscapes.

It’s the flush of warmth under the surface of the skin, the unstoppable smile that lifts the corners of the mouth, and the glint of familiarity that occurs after telling life’s tales late at night to new friends in unfamiliar cities that makes life sweet.

I hope you enjoy coming along with me on my journeys.


Links and other information…

About Me: Information about how I started my photography and writing career, and information about my blogs.

Media Section : Information about my past, current, and upcoming projects, events, workshops, and published work.

PR Section : Information about my social media reach, brands and sponsorships (covering both current and potential pairings).

Travel photography: My travel photography portfolio.

Gear I Use : This is a list of the cameras and lenses I have used for the majority of my photography. I also included my thoughts about each and every camera and lens listed in this section.

Contact : If you have a question or wish to contact me regarding my work whether it be for a commercial request, freelance assignment, sponsorship, partnership, or advertising feel free to use this contact form. I look forward to hearing from you!