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France through the Lens

I spent the afternoon going through photography from my adventures in France this year since I am preparing for a few different presentations right now (information about those events below!). I love reliving moments through photography.

When I look through my photography, I can feel everything about the scene I was photographing: the scents in the air, the way the light fell just so, the anticipation of the moment, and every emotion that was welling up inside.

I have seen and read a lot of articles denouncing the ubiquitousness of cameras in all of today’s moments as if cameras are over-peppering a perfectly balanced and flavorful landscape.

But, I have always felt that the camera has allowed me to live in the moment more. And I relive the moments I capture after the fact, relishing everything I felt in that split second of time.

Travel is all about these moments.

Like how the light bathed the history-worn walls in Aix-en-Provence.

Or how the shadows fell on the stairs in Marseille.

The way Carcassonne sleepily overlooked the countryside.

While cats nuzzled each other next to croissants at Café les Chats, Paris.

Hotel Negresco’s Dali-esque interiors spun me round and round.

And the light in the south of France sprinkled itself over Marseille like fairy dust.

It was during that one dusk in Montpellier I felt my heart swoon.

And it filled with magic at midnight in Marseille during Fete de la Musique,

As I explored every alley I could the next day.

As storm clouds gathered above Paris,

Gustave Moreau’s house whisked me into the past,

while Montpellier’s rich golden walls held my heart in its hands.

And when this scene stopped me in my tracks,

I knew my heart would never beat the same way again.

Upcoming events and appearances:

1. I will be speaking on a panel at this coming weekend. French Affairs Las Vegas is an annual travel B2B conference hosted by France’s official tourism agency Atout France and focused on travel topics with a focus on France and Paris.

My panel topic is: Social Media and Millennials in the Travel Industry. This is topic near and dear to my heart so I am looking forward to the panel discussion.

2. I will also be presenting all three days of in New York City on the Sony stage about travel photography. My presentation topic is: Traveling with Sony Mirrorless Cameras.

I will discuss the social aspects of sharing with Sony’s mirrorless cameras as well as the reasons why travel photography has gotten a whole lot more delightful for me. PhotoPlus Expo is the largest photography and imaging event in North America.

If you will be at PhotoPlus Expo, please come and say hello and if you have time and feel like gazing at my travel photography while I talk about my experiences photographing France come have a listen to my presentation. I will try my best to be entertaining. Promise. :)

3. I also have news to announce about my like info about signed copies as well as potential book-related events and appearances. I will do an update about all of this soon.

Looking for these (and more) France photos to view larger? Here you go (click or tap on each photo to view larger):

Interested in viewing all of my France posts so far? Here they are:

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Incredible amounts of gratitude to:

France’s official tourism agency who you can find here on Facebook . They made my entire France photography adventure possible and went above and beyond in making sure I was well taken care of everywhere I went (truly).

*All photos taken with my Sony A7R and Sony A6000.


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