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Nice review from Tumblr of my New York City coffee table book: NY Through the Lens…



Two items we have to tell you about! Two are from the world of books, two are from the world of New York. (That’s right, they’re the same two, because books and New York are a cranky married couple that can’t get enough of each other.)

  1. (above left) is becoming an extremely attractive book, and that book is available for pre-sale right now. If you like your New York to be at once intimately familiar and constantly smitten with its own newness, then this book is destined for your coffee table. 
  2.  (above right) isn’t a Tumblr book, per se, but it’s a fine collection of New York essays (a genre unto itself) and it’s thick with Tumblr luminaries like , , , , . (We stole that list from the perfect , whose touches on how her Tumblr, which is both “silly” and “singularly mine,” helped her find her way into the whole New Yorky, internetty, Tumblry community.)

Whew. Two mouthfuls up there, but it seemed important that we let you know about this beautiful stuff that, hey, you’re pretty much already a part of. 

Manhattan skyline photo via nythroughthelens 

Thank you Tumblr! ♥

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