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Three weeks on board an icebreaker with no access to the internet and none of the music I usually use to lose myself in creatively and I have never felt more alive, alone, connected to other creatively, euphoric, encompassed by the immensity of living on this planet and touched by the emotional impact of witnessing things that I am sure I will spend my life trying to explain properly and succinctly.

I would stand alone on the top deck of the ship at night my face towards the wind, as ice floes drifted past like stars against the darkness of the sea, my mind composing music on the tail end of the cold breeze as it brushed against my face, my thoughts weaving themselves into the infinite narratives that surrounded me.

And the world seemed vast and limitless in those moments as temporal reality drifted away from us.

(at Greenland)

(via nythroughthelens)

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