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Paris in the Springtime

I am still sorting through my Paris photography which is just making me want to go back to experience all of the things I didn’t have the time to experience and photograph! Thankfully, it looks like I will be heading back to Paris at the end of June!

I still have so much that I need to post about from my recent trip to Paris and there is quite a lot on my photography schedule for the next few months including a trip to Toronto in a few weeks to speak at Canada’s largest photography and imaging show: , a trip to Martinique, a June excursion to the South of France and a return to Paris. Super excited.


1 - Looking out above Rue Ramponeau in Bellevile, Paris. This is another view from this location. I discussed the slightly surreal story of how I ended up here in a previous . Absolutely love this view and the clouds were magical that evening.

2 - The city of Paris and the Eiffel Tower as viewed from the top of Tour Montparnasse.

3 - This is a street in the town of Barbizon. Barbizon is an artist town located in the region which is in close proximity to Paris and fully accessible by the metro. It is an artist commune where many of the artists popular in the pre-impressionist period like Jean-François Millet and Théodore Rousseau stayed and painted. I will make a dedicated post about Barbizon at some point because my visit was quite wonderful. I got to visit the artist’s former lodgings and even peek at their spontaneous wall paintings. This is a charming street in Barbizon.

4 - A view of the Sacré-Coeur Basilica in Montmartre.

5 - Awesome street art in the Paris neighborhood of La Butte aux Cailles.

6 - One of the things that I missed out on was a guided, private tour with at Notre Dame Cathedral. Unfortunately, my schedule shifted. However, they are an amazing organization responsible for conserving, restoring, and managing the nearly 100 national monuments in Paris, staffing their sites and opening them to the public. I hope to connect with them when I am back in Paris at the end of June. For now, here is a view of Notre Dame Cathedral while looking up at its grand exterior architecture.

7 - Cherry blossoms and cobblestones in the Paris neighborhood of La Butte aux Cailles.

8 - There are so many cyclists on the streets of Paris. Whether they are riding motorbikes or traditional bicycles, it’s nearly impossible to do street photography in Paris and not photograph a cyclist or two. This is a view looking towards Place Vendôme.

9 - The beautiful exterior of Palace Garnier, Paris’s grand opera house which was built in the 1860s.

10 - Spring blossoms overlooking a street in Montmartre.

I really do apologize for the infrequent posting as of late. There has been quite a lot going on (all good mainly!). Other things that have been keeping me occupied: I have been busy working with the editing team responsible for editing my New York City photography book which will be published this winter. The book is taking shape and I am happy with the progress so far.

Hopefully, next week I will start to catch up with some other important updates about my photography. I have also been working on officially launching my (sneak peek!) but it’s still in the beginning stages as I have to still upload my photography from quite a few other locations. And in addition to all of that, look for updates about my travel photography blog which has recently undergone a name-change and a face-lift. I will be updating a lot of the information pages on both of my blogs in the upcoming weeks.

And of course, I also have been trying to take time to enjoy and be grateful for the amazing opportunities and career milestones. I am really thankful to everyone who has been following along on my journey.

I hope you are buckled in tight because it looks like the next few parts of the journey will be full of adventure! :)

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