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New York City - Times Square Views from the Millennium Broadway Hotel



I had the pleasure of staying overnight and taking photos at the located above Times Square last week. While I grew up here in New York City and live in New York City, I definitely don’t find myself overlooking Times Square very often.

I live in a tiny walk-up on the Lower East Side which is pretty far removed from the neon and spectacle of Times Square. I grew up with an imagination fueled by the neon sci-fi cityscapes in films like Blade-Runner (one of my favorites). I would go to sleep dreaming about Shanghai or Toyko through a Blade-Runner tinted lens.

It’s easy to forget that New York City has its own cinematic sci-fi-esque cityscapes especially when you only ever experience places like Times Square from ground level. Having such an amazing perspective of Times Square from 50 floors above was pretty intense while taking long exposures.



1 - Times Square at night from above. I was obsessed with this view. The top floor rooms of the hotel have this view in common on one side of the hotel. In love.

2 - The rooms are pretty spacious for the Times Square area considering that the hotel is literally right in the middle of Times Square. Many of the the hotels in the area tend to have super small rooms.

3 - A late afternoon view overlooking Times Square from the room.

4 - This is a view of the Lyceum Theatre, New York City’s oldest theatre along with Times Square from above. There are a lot of interesting views in New York City of various landmarks but this was an entirely new view for me. I stayed awake pretty late just watching the lights flicker and the hustle and bustle of crowds through my camera lenses.

5 - A view of the gorgeous original ceiling of the Hudson Theatre. As I mentioned above, the theatre is attached to the Millennium Hotel and the hotel manages it. It was built in 1903. The original owner perished on the Titanic. .

6 - The Hudson Theatre’s stage. While it is currently used for special events, conferences,and weddings, it also has been the site of Comedy Central’s stand-up comedy shows

7 - This is a view from a room in which is managed by the Millennium Hotel as well and is attached to Millennium Broadway.

8 - And finally, another long exposure taken late at night above New York City in Times Square from my hotel room.


***All photos taken with the Sony A99 and Sony a7R


Looking for these photos to view larger? Here you go (click or tap on each photo to view larger):


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