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The Toronto Skyline

I have been in Toronto, Canada for the last four days and my time here has been nothing short of marvelous. My friend and fellow photographer, and her boyfriend Kurt Clausnitzer were kind enough to be my hosts for the week for which I am extremely grateful. We consumed a good amount of Maple Whiskey (how Canadian can you get?), had wonderful conversation and explored Toronto together. I shared a few photos over on and via already as well.

Tomorrow, I will give two presentations at Canada’s largest imaging and photography show: at the Sony booth. My presentations are about my experiences using the a7R and QX100 while traveling. I am really looking forward to it! On Saturday, I leave Toronto very early in the morning to make my way to Martinique for a slew of tropical adventures (for those who messaged me on Twitter: yes, I will have bug spray and suntan lotion. And I did find shoes for the rainforest. :) ).

I took this photo of Toronto’s skyline yesterday afternoon with my a7R after a short ferry ride to one of the islands that sit alongside Toronto’s downtown area. What a gorgeous skyline!


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