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Shangri-La Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia is located on the West Coast of Canada and is an amazing city to visit. 

One of its best hotels is the 5-Star and I was fortunate enough to have gotten to stay there for a bit recently.

Let me take you on a little room tour :)

I stayed in the Executive King room with a balcony and just like with all other Shangri-La hotels around the world, the interiors have a cozy feel with distinctive Asian flourishes…

and (as a coffee lover) one of my favorite things, a Nespresso machine

The room itself was positively comfy in all the best ways. Vancouver is known for its moody weather and to be quite honest, there is nothing better than having a cozy, comfy hotel room to stay in while hiding from the rain…

The floor to ceiling windows were SO incredible and provided some truly stunning views of downtown Vancouver

Even cooler? The room had its own enclosed balcony (helpful in the rain!) with some really beautiful downtown views of Vancouver

I don’t know if it’s just me but I love checking out the bathrooms in hotels. The bathroom here is decked out in white marble…

And yes, even the bathtub has a 5-star view of downtown Vancouver!

The amenities were really wonderful as well, L’Occitane toiletries…

There were also lovely little details that Shangri-La is known for like…the pillow menu. Yes, a PILLOW MENU. Can my whole life have a pillow menu?!

And every night a bookmark with a beautiful passage would be left on my bed…

Honestly, I didn’t want to leave.

Things to indulge in while you at Shangri-La Vancouver:

1) Market by Jean Georges 

This is their restaurant and the food is some of the best in Vancouver. I experienced the current tasting menu during my stay and it was, hands down, one of the best meals of my life. 

Definitely try the Sashimi appetizer:

And the desserts were every bit as good as they looked:

2. Get the CHI Aroma Vitality Massage at the spa in the hotel (CHI, The Spa)

It is a massage that brings together elements of Swedish, Shiatsu, and lymphatic drainage combined with the therapeutic qualities of aromatic essential oils. I experienced this while there and it was transformative.

And whatever you do, make sure you enjoy the views at night. Shangri-La has some of the best views of downtown!

I also did a video room tour if you are interested in seeing these images brought to life :)

Hope you enjoy!


Will never forget moments like this, when snow was just a whisper of a thought and when the mountains jutted up from the water like heartbeats.

I stood there for as long as I could, my face caressed by the cold until all of the voices of ghosts from the past who proclaimed that I was not good enough, that I was not ever enough, that I was not enough of enough were drowned out by nature’s roaring silence, exorcised across the sea up through a parting in the clouds.

And for the first time ever my heart was as vast and wild as the landscape that stretched out before me, my future unfolding on the waves dark and mysterious and full of promise.

Arctic. Hell Gate channel. Ellesmere Island. (at Ellesmere Island)

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When you lose the things that meant so much to you for so long but end up finding yourself, the self you are the happiest with - on the deck of an icebreaker at one in the morning during midnight sun in the Arctic as snow falls and the world slips away on the night breeze. Lost and found. (at Norwegian Bay)

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Arctic sunset over the water. Seen from a helicopter only 9 degrees latitude from the North Pole in Tanquary Fjord. One of the most gorgeous and unique sunsets I have ever witnessed. Had just come from a snow covered plateau overlooking a glacier and descended into this moment. (at Tanquary Glacier)

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The Arctic. Chapman Glacier. We landed in this valley with snow that glittered with sunlight and almost nothing else existed in the world in that moment. Only the present and the present was more than I could have dreamed at any point in my life. (at Chapman Glacier (glaciär i Kanada, British Columbia))

(via nythroughthelens)