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Arctic sunset over the water. Seen from a helicopter only 9 degrees latitude from the North Pole in Tanquary Fjord. One of the most gorgeous and unique sunsets I have ever witnessed. Had just come from a snow covered plateau overlooking a glacier and descended into this moment. (at Tanquary Glacier)

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Sunset - Martinique - French Caribbean

Some of the best travel moments are the ones that are spontaneous. Having just left the rainforests of Martinique, we began our descent down the mountains and after driving about an hour, we came across one of the most spectacular sunsets I have ever seen. We didn’t plan on this view at all. In fact, we were making our way back to the coast.

But then there we were.

Mount Pelée sat in the distance to the right with a crown of clouds as the sun kissed the Caribbean Sea under a sapphire jeweled sky.

And it was as if the world stopped turning for that moment.

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