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Paris: Sunset and the Eiffel Tower - Notre Dame View

The clouds


their palms,


brushing against

the sunset

that caressed

the horizon.

And the bells

of Notre Dame



over the rooftops

of Paris.

This was taken on a typically moody Paris evening with my Sony A7R. I had climbed the 387 steps to the top of Notre Dame de Paris earlier in the week with a wonderful person who worked for , an organization that tends to the historic monuments and landmarks of Paris.

While standing on the highest platform of Notre Dame, I expressed to her that it would be incredible to photograph the sunset or even dusk from such an impressive vantage point.

Typically, throughout the year, access to the top of Notre Dame is restricted to the morning and afternoon hours. However, as fortune would have it, the summer hours had just started and evening access to the top of the cathedral which itself dates back to the 1100s would be starting later in the week.

Later in the week, I made my way up the 387 steps again later in the week on an evening when I wasn’t sure that the weather would cooperate. It didn’t really matter to me though. The view, in any weather condition, is nothing short of breath-taking.

I stood there as the storm clouds receded over Paris revealing a subdued sunset, a perfect backdrop for the tiny Eiffel Tower that stood in the distance.

And it was absolutely sublime.


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